4th of July

July 3rd-July 4th: Eric and I hung out at a friend’s lake house at Lake Dabanawa just north of Lawrence. Then we chilled at home with friends and guitars. Good times were had.


May 29-June 1: Eric and I had a CRAZY May. It was nuts. We decided to run away to Nashville for a few days to hear some music, eat some awesome food and just unplug from everything at home. Also, I got a tattoo. 🙂

Road Trip!

February 25-March 3 2016: My father, husband and I drove from Kansas City to San Juan Capistrano in southern California for my youngest brother’s wedding. Here are some moments I captured while on the trip! 🙂

Lawrence, KS

January 30, 2016: The hubs and I took a random trip to Lawrence to day drink, take pictures and generally wander. Fun times were had.