Murder on the Moor

Title: Murder on the Moor

Author: Julianna Deering

2017 Book Challenge Entry: A book about a difficult topic

Thoughts: Hello all! Today’s entry is a bit of a stretch, but I feel that it fits.

Kind of.

Enough. Murder is a difficult topic right?

Story time!

In my adult life, I have had many many jobs. I’ve been a substitute teacher, an actual teacher, an administrative assistant, a server, a box office employee at a dinner theatre, a choreographer and a zumba instructor just to name a few. As a substitute teacher, I found that I was never lacking work, but it always sucked during the summer. There was never any work as a sub over the summer and unlike a regular teacher, I didn’t get paid unless kids were in school. So, for a few summers I temped. One of the jobs I worked was a two week gig as the receptionist of an insurance company. My job was to answer the phone when it rang and transfer calls to the correct department. They didn’t want me to check email, or answer questions. Just transfer calls.

I read a book almost every other day. I think I read 8 books in 10 days.

During that wonderful time where I was getting paid to read, my old roommate told me about this delightful series she started. She found it on Amazon and described it as “Murder She Wrote meets Downton Abbey”.

I mean. How could I not?

The series centers around Drew Farthering, a 1930s aristocrat who, along with his beautiful paramor Madeline and his best friend Nick, finds himself thrown headfirst into one mystery after another. Wherever he goes, murder seems to follow and his astute skills at observation make him the perfect non professional to solve the case.

In this installment, Drew gets a distressing message from an old friend from school begging him to come help solve a mystery plaguing his estate. There have been many incidents in the small town surrounding his manor ranging from vandalism to *bum bum BUM* the murder of the vicar on the steps of the church! Combined with the fact that this friend has zero game but has somehow managed to bag a class A hottie which just leads Drew to think she is somehow involved in the shenanigans and goings on.

It’s so light and fluffy but satisfying. It’s like reading angel food cake.

The mysteries are fun to try and puzzle out and the solution is actually quite clever. Deering has done a nice job of making this one of those that isn’t super obvious, but when it’s revealed, you don’t find yourself going, “I’m sorry. No. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.”

You all know what I’m talking about.

Her characters are also just so lovely. They are flawed and real, but you absolutely root for them all the way through. You kind of go into each book knowing that Drew, Madeline and Nick will win the day and get their man (or woman?) and bring justice to their little piece of England, but that doesn’t make the journey any less enjoyable. I really enjoy these books and I think Ms. Deering has hit the nail on the head with her time period and character work. I can’t wait to read the next one.

I don’t think she is going to necessarily change the world with this series, but not every book needs to change the world. Sometimes, it’s just nice to read a good book. And this is a good book. 🙂

Happy Reading!


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