2018 Book Challenge

Hello all! Happy New Year from our little house in the burbs! We are finally (kind of) figuring out life with our newborn baby girl, and life is crazy but oh so lovely here at home. With a new bundle at home to take care of, my reading took a serious nose dive during the back half of the year. I only read 29 of the 40 books I was trying to read and did not complete the previously posted book challenge for 2017. However, I read a bunch of books I had never read before, expanded this little blog to include books and more photos (although I have a massive backlog of stuff to catch up on and post), and brought a beautiful little girl into this world. Life with her is a constant joy and while it can be challenging, it is never ever boring. Everything is wonderful. As she gets older and develops a little more of a routine with eating and sleeping, I am trying to get reading back into my life. This year is a year of finding balance. I’m about to go back to work so my time with baby and hubby is more limited which means any free time I do have, I am going to want to spend with them. However, I also know I need time with my ladies and with myself to be the best wife, mom and person I can be.

It’s a lot.

Reading helps.

So does wine.

Below is the Book Challenge I’m taking on this year. I have already completed one entry on here which I will detail in the Book Thoughts section as soon as I can carve away some more time to write. 🙂  Hopefully the last chunk of my books from 2017 and the beginning of my 2018 books will make their way to cyberspace before too long.

Yeah. I know it looks long, but it’s just because they always make things super pretty. 🙂 Take it on with reckless abandon my lovelies! Push yourself to read more and read more good stuff this year! I’ll be right there with you and I can’t wait to hear from anyone who wants to share what they are currently reading! Let’s start a conversation and make the world and smarter more well rounded place.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!